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We get to the core of your HR leaving you time to Grow your business.

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At Simply HR we aim to provide services that will ease the pressures of HR and Employment Law on your business.

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How Do I Know If I Need a HR Specialist?

How do I book time with you?

You can book directly with me via my tidycal calendar – all available appointments, holidays and out of office hours are kept updated there. 

Are you available for in house HR or is it just consultancy you do?

If this is one of your needs please contact me to talk further, it may be that we can make an arrangement for retainer services with in house as part of that. Every client is going to be different so its best we have a chat!.

I have an emergency HR situation - do you do call outs?

If this situation happens to you please don’t hesitate to give me a call and I will do my utmost to help you! I know first hand how worrying and stressful the trickier HR situations can be and my goal is to work with you as the business owner to get everything sorted out as quickly and painlessly as possible

About Valerie Farrell

HR Specialist

Are you spending all your time on People admin issues rather than concentrating on growing your business? If so, Simply HR offers flexible affordable solutions without long-term contracts which gives you back your time to focus on your core business activities in a cost-efficient manner.  We offer an exciting and affordable solution for Start Ups and SME’s as we understand the importance of managing costs in your business.

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